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your other games
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07-16-2013 11:19 PM your other games Post: #1
birarri Offline
Junior Member **
Posts: 42 Joined: Oct 2012 Reputation: 0
It would be nice if we could make a small list of our other games we play + login^^ Smile so we can join each other in other games Smile only write the games you play the most so you don't write games you only play once or twice a year^^

Dirt 2 & 3, login birarrii (yes two i at the end)
Battlefield Bad Company2, login birarri
Battlefield 3 (premium), login birarri
Farcry 3, login birarri

now come on guys make a small list of your games Smile

07-17-2013 12:39 AM RE: your other games Post: #2
rocket Offline
Super Moderator ******
Posts: 1,113 Joined: Jun 2012 Reputation: 1
all in pc ?

i play dirt 3 on pc (login: rhuum83)
block ops II on xbox (login: rhuum83)

all other are cr****d so no online ^^
[Image: 931468banfofo.jpg]

07-17-2013 02:08 AM RE: your other games Post: #3
Yoshy Offline
Member ***
Posts: 157 Joined: Oct 2012 Reputation: 0
Tennis Elbow 2013 is the only game, which i play online. (J. Grilo)
[Image: 335399banfofoyoyo.jpg]

07-17-2013 07:55 AM RE: your other games Post: #4
masolla Offline
Member ***
Posts: 174 Joined: Oct 2012 Reputation: 0
nothing ^^ (lack of time)

07-17-2013 11:16 AM RE: your other games Post: #5
WiiDii Offline
Senior Member ****
Posts: 256 Joined: Oct 2012 Reputation: 0
Diablo II expansion set : The best game ever made
Diablo III : Drachob

I'll buy left for dead soon Smile

07-19-2014 05:23 PM RE: your other games Post: #6
joker16 Offline
Junior Member **
Posts: 47 Joined: Jul 2014 Reputation: 0
If it can help you


08-11-2017 10:33 AM RE: your other games Post: #7
Ragha Offline
Member ***
Posts: 202 Joined: Oct 2012 Reputation: 1
If by any chance any of you play Fiesta Online feel free to add me Big Grin
I play on the NA Server - Pagel

My Active characters:
Ragha - Cleric (lvl 60)
Ravenhead - Crusader (lvl 60)
Hellbound - Archer (lvl 44)
[Image: Zwx2AQL3Zmx4.png]

08-20-2017 12:01 AM RE: your other games Post: #8
Klockren Offline
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Posts: 199 Joined: Aug 2014 Reputation: 0
I play some cs:go and WoW / hots on the side sometimes

btag: KlockreN #2767
steam acc: marre_9104 or KlockreN
and if you wanna play with me in trackmania its mxlife
Nerdrage-15 Minute Cooldown. You enter a berserker rage, increasing typing speed by 75%, chance to hit CAPS LOCK by 50% and decreasing chance to get laid by 100%. You feel no pity or remorse and can not be stopped unless banned.

08-20-2017 03:11 PM RE: your other games Post: #9
Drifterino Offline
Junior Member **
Posts: 27 Joined: Aug 2017 Reputation: 0
LoL sometimes : EatMyDamageBro

08-20-2017 05:55 PM RE: your other games Post: #10
Hurri Offline
Member ***
Posts: 81 Joined: Oct 2015 Reputation: 1
OSRS: Sinasappel

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