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Here I show if I made something creative that I wanna show you lovely guys <3

the Under - track preview
Just want show a new video I made for a also new track I made. It's not dirt but still I'm pretty happy with it Smile
The editing took me a while so I would like some criticism on the video

Elite of elites
Made a new video with me driving ESL-Sugar, with a little twist Wink Had fun, worth it!

Undeniable - track preview
New map, dirt also Cool been working on this for too long and decided to finish it Big Grin

[Teaser] 1k project - Hill
So another video, this time a teaser for a 1k project that I've been working on. I'm almost done with the full video Big Grin

1k project - Hill
So now the 1k project is out I'm really proud of the final product so please sit down, grab som popcorn and enjoy it! ❤

Very nice job. Like the editing and the intro (and your logo animation). Two changes you could make:

1. Always have the camera behind the car at any turns. You can spice it up at jumps or other insignificant places in the map (or where you already know what's going on. 1 example is the turn on the arch. At the first half, have the camera behind the car. At the last half, you can spice it up, because the viewer already knows what's going on).
I feel like you do this "mistake" between 0:43-0.47, but it is very small. I just like to have an impression of the whole map behind the car.

2. If you want to do more of these videos, make an outro too. An outro which is specific for you as a videomaker. Just like your intro with your logo. It will make you as a videomaker more memorable.

That's my 2 cent Smile
good vid fupz Wink

btw: the maps from your vid looks nice, can we put them on our attack server ?
of course you can Smile
Here you have em'
I don't have the third on my current pc and I forgot to upload it at time I made the track :/
Very nice video Fupz, good job Smile
3 new vids! Please show some love ❤
great vid the 1k Heart

pls post the link for the undeniable map Big Grin
Good job fupz Wink
Long time, no update

Just some tech
Tried out some tech a while ago and actually ended up with some solid times.

Fair play by fupz (Editing Contest #1 - Story)
A little 'story' for one of shortz editing contests.

Dunste on ESL - Shiva (Editing Contest #2 - One Run Edit)
Another video from a editing contest. This time I had to make a one run edit and I choose to make it with my friend Dunste.

One Run Freestyle by fupz
This video took me forever to make and I'm really happy with the outcome.

15 Seconds of Fame (Editing Contest #3 - 30 seconds)
3rd editing contest where I actually won. But the reason I won was because I made the video so short which gave me some bonus points.

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