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Full Version: Dirt video project : guys I need you !
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Hey there!

Well I don't really know where to post but I'll try here: I guess it's the most adapted place Big Grin

I'm a tech driver from 3DMAX but a videomaker as welln and I'm making a dirt promotion video (which will be released next week) and I still need skins from the most active and strong teams including yours^^. I'm also in need of some "big balls skillzor" turns and tricks just like Chuck's one in one of his videos ( here at 2:52 )

By the way, if you have some great ideas of what I could put in this vid just tell me !

Thanks in advance! Smile
what about awesome wicky's tricks?
What's that trick? o.o

what about this ?

maybe this should be good Smile
Perfect! But this map (+ replay) isn't on tmx right? :/
'Cause I just need a couple of other cars around this replay.
I don't think that this map is on tmx Confused

But if you want a couple of cars doing awesome times, maybe that rocket's videos with "fastest nwt of the week" would be great?

This map by geccon rain where some of us do a wallhit trick at the start.. maybe that would be cool?
Ye I checked "Fastest nwt of the week #1 and #2" on your channel but no sign of wallhit at the start ^^.

More generally, I'm not really looking for awesome times ('cause it's not a skillmovie) but some awesome turns. For example, when I have a great bug/crash or awesome or lucky turn on some tech maps, I save it! ^^ So that's what I'm searching: some bits of recorded replays of you or others that impressed you as a dirter.

I know, it's hard to explain!
hey snaky Smile

i can provide you all nwt riders skin by .zip pack
+ some of our best fight (replay + track).
just let's us make a lil list that you can use for the video Wink
Sweet rocket, thanks Smile Let's say you have 48h haha, because I will release the video on saturday or sunday (it wil be released then, after a "premiere" broadcasting during the Virtual Lan in France)

And as you noticed with my fb request, you can follow the progress there:

Thx again for this quick reactivity!
The top1 here, up-right corner at halfway is pretty sweet Wink
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